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Only the good stuff.

Woody Harrelson Takes on Caesar in War for the Planet of the Apes
Dec 9th at 12:49 pm

Bob's Burgers Restaurant and Gallery Pop Up in LA's Chinatown
Dec 8th at 11:43 am

DuckTales Reboot Coming Summer 2017
Dec 7th at 1:08 pm

All the Christmas-Themed Episodes Streaming on Netflix
Dec 7th at 1:01 am

Third Season of Leftovers Gets Premiere Date
Dec 6th at 1:13 pm

Disney Transforms Spaceship Earth into Death Star
Dec 6th at 1:05 pm

Netflix Adds Video Previews for Films and Series
Dec 6th at 12:28 pm

Universal Releases First Trailer for Tom Cruise Mummy Reboot
Dec 5th at 12:50 pm

Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Reunite in Burger King Commercial
Dec 4th at 7:02 pm

Vanessa Bayer's Rachel Meets Rachel from Friends on SNL
Dec 4th at 6:34 pm

Late 2016 and Early 2017 Trailer Round-Up
Dec 2nd at 2:22 pm

Full House Creator Buys the Real Full House House in San Francisco
Dec 2nd at 1:29 pm

FX Buys Pilot for Sons of Anarchy Spinoff
Dec 1st at 11:39 pm

Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Apprentice Adds YouTube Personality iJustine as Boardroom Advisor
Dec 1st at 4:17 pm

Martin Scorsese Meets with Pope Francis ahead of Silence Screening
Nov 30th at 11:33 am

Citizen Brick Makes Twin Peaks Lego Set
Nov 29th at 1:31 am

H&M Ad Directed by Wes Anderson the Christmas Special 2016 Needs
Nov 28th at 12:12 pm

Fan Creates Rick and Morty Pass-the-Butter Robot
Nov 28th at 11:50 am

Simpsons Breaks Record with Two-Season Renewal
Nov 4th at 4:50 pm

Kelsey Grammer Dresses Up as Sideshow Bob for Halloween
Oct 31st at 11:00 pm

Netflix Releases Update on Barb from Stranger Things
Oct 31st at 4:31 pm

Munsters Scene Colorized
Oct 31st at 12:01 pm

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