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Only the good stuff.

Arkansas Newspaper Prints Obit for Walking Dead Character
Oct 26th at 8:34 pm

Disney Junior Rebooting Muppet Babies in CGI
Oct 26th at 3:58 pm

3 Strange Coincidences in Back to the Future regarding the Cubs' World Series Run
Oct 25th at 4:08 pm

Power Rangers Reboot Movie Gets Trailer
Oct 10th at 3:10 pm

Next Simpsons Episode Is the 600th
Oct 10th at 2:48 pm

Fraggle Rock Reruns Back at HBO
Oct 10th at 2:25 pm

Fan Animates Rick and Morty Trial Voiceover
Oct 6th at 11:21 am

Adventure Time to End in 2018
Sep 29th at 11:54 am

I Was a 14-Year-Old Simpsons Tattoo Artist
Sep 29th at 11:23 am

Disney Doing Live-Action Remake of Lion King
Sep 28th at 12:16 pm

Mobile South Park Billboards Pop Up at White House and Scientology Center
Sep 27th at 7:41 pm

Disney Reveals Logo for DuckTales Reboot
Sep 19th at 3:13 pm

New Jersey Getting Nickelodeon Theme Park
Sep 17th at 7:00 pm

Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres Play Woody and Dory on Ellen
Sep 9th at 2:38 pm

Star Trek First Aired Fifty Years Ago Today
Sep 8th at 2:52 pm

Stranger Things Renewed for Second Season
Aug 31st at 9:41 am

New Site Converts Text to Style of Stranger Things Title Card
Aug 17th at 10:17 pm

Geoffrey Rush to Play Albert Einstein in New Series
Aug 16th at 11:09 am

Simpsons Doing Its First-Ever Hour-Long Episode
Aug 9th at 12:07 am

Fox in Talks for Eleventh Season of X-Files
Aug 9th at 12:00 am

Game of Thrones to End after Eighth Season
Jul 30th at 12:52 pm

Fan Crosses Star Trek: The Next Generation with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Jul 29th at 3:08 am

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