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Right now Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars has 2,142,161,276 total views.

This video has averaged 2,694,542 views per day since its upload on Nov 19th 2014.

At that rate, this video will have...

2,161,023,070 total views one week from now.

2,222,997,536 total views one month from now.

3,125,669,106 total views one year from now.

4,109,176,936 total views two years from now.

7,059,700,426 total views five years from now.

11,977,239,576 total views ten years from now.

16,894,778,726 total views fifteen years from now.

21,812,317,876 total views twenty years from now.

26,729,857,026 total views twenty-five years from now.

100,492,944,276 total views one-hundred years from now.

And on...

Dec 18th 2019 it's going to hit 5-billion views.

Jan 16th 2025 it's going to hit 10-billion views.

Apr 14th 2040 it's going to hit 25-billion views.

Sep 8th 2065 it's going to hit 50-billion views.

Jun 29th 2116 it's going to hit 100-billion views.

Nov 27th 2268 it's going to hit 250-billion views.
(See you then.)

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