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Right now MC avec Fukano #60.1 : DE L'EAU has 49,474 total views.

This video has averaged 1,706 views per day since its upload on Dec 19th 2016.

At that rate, this video will have...

61,416 total views one week from now.

100,654 total views one month from now.

672,164 total views one year from now.

1,294,854 total views two years from now.

3,162,924 total views five years from now.

6,276,374 total views ten years from now.

9,389,824 total views fifteen years from now.

12,503,274 total views twenty years from now.

15,616,724 total views twenty-five years from now.

62,318,474 total views one-hundred years from now.

And on...

Jan 17th 2017 it's going to hit 50,000 views.

Feb 15th 2017 it's going to hit 100,000 views.

May 14th 2017 it's going to hit 250,000 views.

Oct 8th 2017 it's going to hit 500,000 views.

Jul 28th 2018 it's going to hit 1-million views.

Dec 27th 2024 it's going to hit 5-million views.

Jan 5th 2033 it's going to hit 10-million views.

Feb 1st 2057 it's going to hit 25-million views.

Mar 17th 2097 it's going to hit 50-million views.

Jun 14th 2177 it's going to hit 100-million views.
(See you then.)

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