8 Little-Known Facts about Bob Ross

Posted by Billy on Dec 15th 2016 at 5:42 pm


You can now binge on the sweet, mellifluous tones of Bob Ross via Netflix, but as far as biographical details go, he never reveals much in the course of his painting instructions. Here are some little-known facts about the soothing master himself.

1. Ross lost part of his left index finger in an accident while he was doing carpentry work with his father in his younger years.

2. Owing to his fast pace, Ross could produce an entire season of Joy of Painting episodes over the course of just a few days.

3. Having grown up in Florida, Ross didn’t see any snow – a mainstay of his paintings – firsthand until he was enlisted in the Air Force and stationed in Alaska.

4. According to a statistical analysis of The Joy of Painting conducted by FiveThirtyEight, 91% of Ross’s paintings portray at least one tree.

5. Ross spent twenty years in the military, retiring only once he was earning a larger salary from his artwork.

6. Ross made no income directly from PBS, instead earning the lion’s share of his wealth from instructional books and videotapes.

7. Ross had his hair permed, originally because he wanted to save money on haircuts and later because it was part of his branding.

8. Ross once estimated that he made more than 30,000 paintings in his life.

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