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Right now PSY - GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일) M/V has 2,954,501,084 total views.

This video has averaged 1,556,639 views per day since its upload on Jul 15th 2012.

At that rate, this video will have...

2,965,397,557 total views one week from now.

3,001,200,254 total views one month from now.

3,522,674,319 total views one year from now.

4,090,847,554 total views two years from now.

5,795,367,259 total views five years from now.

8,636,233,434 total views ten years from now.

11,477,099,609 total views fifteen years from now.

14,317,965,784 total views twenty years from now.

17,158,831,959 total views twenty-five years from now.

59,771,824,584 total views one-hundred years from now.

And on...

May 1st 2021 it's going to hit 5-billion views.

Feb 15th 2030 it's going to hit 10-billion views.

Jul 4th 2056 it's going to hit 25-billion views.

Jun 24th 2100 it's going to hit 50-billion views.

Jun 3rd 2188 it's going to hit 100-billion views.
(See you then.)

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