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Right now Uta no Prince Sama 4 Episode 13 ending scene last episode has 56,484 total views.

This video has averaged 359 views per day since its upload on Dec 24th 2016.

At that rate, this video will have...

58,997 total views one week from now.

67,254 total views one month from now.

187,519 total views one year from now.

318,554 total views two years from now.

711,659 total views five years from now.

1,366,834 total views ten years from now.

2,022,009 total views fifteen years from now.

2,677,184 total views twenty years from now.

3,332,359 total views twenty-five years from now.

13,159,984 total views one-hundred years from now.

And on...

Sep 28th 2017 it's going to hit 100,000 views.

Nov 20th 2018 it's going to hit 250,000 views.

Oct 16th 2020 it's going to hit 500,000 views.

Aug 9th 2024 it's going to hit 1-million views.

Feb 10th 2055 it's going to hit 5-million views.

Mar 29th 2093 it's going to hit 10-million views.

Aug 23rd 2207 it's going to hit 25-million views.
(See you then.)

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