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There are currently meme pages for the following series:

 All in the Family (11 total)

 All That (5 total)

 American Dad! (1 total)

 American Horror Story (136 total)

 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (14 total)

 Arrested Development (163 total)

 Arthur (1 total)

 As Told by Ginger (25 total)

 Beavis and Butt-head (1 total)

 Better Call Saul (46 total)

 Black Mirror (16 total)

 Boy Meets World (204 total)

 The Brady Bunch (39 total)

 Breaking Bad (118 total)

 The Critic (8 total)

 Curb Your Enthusiasm (62 total)

 Daria (1 total)

 Dexter (68 total)

 Dinosaurs (18 total)

 Doctor Who (2005) (1 total)

 Doug (24 total)

 Dragon Ball Super (1 total)

 Dragon Ball Z (2 total)

 The Eric Andre Show (10 total)

 Family Guy (87 total)

 Fraggle Rock (23 total)

 Frasier (13 total)

 Freaks and Geeks (64 total)

 Friends (1994) (173 total)

 Futurama (235 total)

 Game of Thrones (40 total)

 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1 total)

 Hey Arnold! (165 total)

 Homeland (23 total)

 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (211 total)

 Kenan & Kel (11 total)

 King of the Hill (128 total)

 Legends of the Hidden Temple (24 total)

 Lost (22 total)

 Mad Men (74 total)

 The Muppet Show (4 total)

 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (1 total)

 The Office (US) (108 total)

 Orange Is the New Black (1 total)

 The Orville (8 total)

 Parks and Recreation (180 total)

 Pokemon (2 total)

 Recess (6 total)

 Rick and Morty (292 total)

 Riverdale (2 total)

 Rocket Power (60 total)

 Rugrats (31 total)

 Scrubs (1 total)

 Seinfeld (213 total)

 Shameless (US) (23 total)

 Silicon Valley (39 total)

 The Simpsons (243 total)

 Smart Guy (3 total)

 Sons of Anarchy (42 total)

 The Sopranos (10 total)

 South Park (68 total)

 SpongeBob SquarePants (238 total)

 Star Trek (10 total)

 Star Trek: The Next Generation (113 total)

 Stranger Things (49 total)

 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (1 total)

 The Twilight Zone (1959) (32 total)

 Twin Peaks (15 total)

 Undeclared (9 total)

 The Walking Dead (1 total)

 The Wire (13 total)

 The Wonder Years (9 total)

 The X-Files (32 total)

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