These are the scheduled upcoming episodes.

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The Crown - Nov 17th
Shameless (US) - Nov 17th
Rick and Morty - Nov 17th
The Simpsons - Nov 17th
Family Guy - Nov 17th
Silicon Valley - Nov 17th
The Mandalorian - Nov 22nd
Shameless (US) - Nov 24th
The Simpsons - Nov 24th
Family Guy - Nov 24th
Rick and Morty - Nov 24th
The Mandalorian - Nov 29th
Rick and Morty - Dec 1st
The Mandalorian - Dec 6th
Reprisal - Dec 6th
Rick and Morty - Dec 8th
The Mandalorian - Dec 13th
Marvel's Runaways - Dec 13th
The Mandalorian - Dec 20th
The Mandalorian - Dec 27th
The Bachelor - Jan 6th
Star Trek: Picard - Jan 23rd
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Feb 6th