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TV That Doesn't Work When It Rains
Jiggle the antennae, smack the side panel, even unplug it and plug it back in. Won't turn on, guaranteed.

Delicious, Buttery Popcorn
You can try to have just one handful. This is accurate: you can surely try.

Old Couch
Better than no couch, right? Maybe. You decide.

Big Antenna
When you get 350 channels, something good is bound to come on sooner or later.

Street Sign the Local Cops Are Looking For
Look, we're going to have to the skip the details on this one. Cool?

Rental Store VHS
Best part? No one's there to tell you to rewind it. Worst part? No one's there to tell you to rewind it.

Trendy Home Movie Camera Film
You're not going to get very far on your little opus without some film in your camera.

Trendy Home Movie Camera
Film something low-budget on it. You never know: you could end up in the middle of a sci-fi blockbuster.

Ancient Silver Plastic Coin
Silver is one of the seven metals of antiquity, its discovery lost to history. Pass it on.

Wireless Projector
Pick a flick. Play it on a bedsheet in your yard on the first day of summer. Make a night of it!

Wearable Hook
Ready your cannons (and your best pirate accent).

Rare VHS
Legend has it that three scenes in, there's a single frame replaced with Picasso's Guernica.

Ancient Gold Plastic Coin
It's customary to measure gold plastic in troy ounces.

Badly Sun-Damaged 30s Movie Poster in Shadow Box
If you squint, you can see that the stage they used for Albuquerque is the same one they used for Cairo in that other movie.

60s TV Lead's Autograph
The name? The name doesn't matter. What matters is, the person who signed this was super famous.

Luxuriant Curved TV
The Greek Siren of TVs. Once you're in front of it, you're not pulling yourself away.

Very Rare VHS
You'll need a fine brass rewinder before you stick this in your VCR.

Menacing Hockey Mask
Underwater. Up in space. Even on the ice. This hockey mask turns up everywhere.

Waterproof Mechanical Shark (Unreliable)
Even if it doesn't have much bite, think of the ruckus you can start at your next pool party.

Decked-Out Bike
"Do I look cool on it?" That was your question, yes?

Sought-After 35MM Reel
You have your own flame-retardant suitcase to carry it, don't you?

The Pig
I saw it. You saw it. Everybody saw it.

Necessary Hazmat Costume
Wouldn't want you to catch a makeshift cold while you're working in your makeshift lab.

Talking Mechanical Velociraptor
Yes, it can talk. That doesn't mean you're going to get a whole lot of conversation out of it.

Boxing Glove from Your Favorite Boxing Movie
Yes, that boxing movie.

Believable Alien Bust
I think it blinked. Did you see it blink?

Large Ticket-Shaped Neon Sign
When the 2010s babies ask, tell them it's an artifact from a civilization long blown into the wind.

Waterproof Mechanical Shark (Reliable)
Take this one to the beach and whatever happens is on you.

Boxing Glove from Your Favorite Boxing Movie (The Left One)
See that scuff on the thumb? It's from that nasty hook that ended the antagonist's whole career.

Sandy Adventurer's Hat
Dust it off and get ready. This next adventure's a reboot, and it's going to be a doozy.

Dated Gorilla Prop
Take a few more steps back and you'll see why all those cloche hats and wide-shouldered jackets were running in the other direction.

Legendary Lost Film on 35MM
The needs-citation Wikipedia rumors were true.

Man Who Narrates Your Life
If the world starts to seem a little strange, just take a deep breath.

Sports Almanac from 2100
Think about the spreads you're going to cover with this thing.

Antique Radio That Picks Up Signals from Parallel Universe
Reality is not what it seems.