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Enter a URL from YouTube, Vine, Flickr, LiveLeak, or any one of the video- and image-viewing sites with which ViewClock is compatible:

ViewClock is the tool for predicting how many views videos from YouTube and other platforms are going to have in the future.

Enter a URL as-is in the box above and click Calculate, and you'll get a list of predictions based on specific future dates (e.g. 100 years from now) and important milestones (e.g. 1-billion views).

Using the boxes at the bottom of the overview page, you can also try entering a specific date or a specific milestone.

When a URL is entered for the first time, the prediction is based on its overall per-day view rate. As users enter the same URL multiple times, however, the predictions become much more accurate, being based on the view rates in between each of the calculations.