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Antique Radio That Picks Up Signals from Parallel Universe Sports Almanac from 2100 Man Who Narrates Your Life Legendary Lost Film on 35MM 
Dated Gorilla Prop Sandy Adventurer's Hat Large Ticket-Shaped Neon Sign Boxing Glove from Your Favorite Boxing Movie (The Left One) 
Waterproof Mechanical Shark (Reliable) Believable Alien Bust Talking Mechanical Velociraptor The Pig 
Necessary Hazmat Costume Boxing Glove from Your Favorite Boxing Movie Sought-After 35MM Reel Decked-Out Bike 
Very Rare VHS Waterproof Mechanical Shark (Unreliable) Menacing Hockey Mask Luxuriant Curved TV 
Badly Sun-Damaged 30s Movie Poster in Shadow Box Ancient Gold Plastic Coin 60s TV Lead's Autograph Rare VHS 
Wearable Hook Trendy Home Movie Camera Ancient Silver Plastic Coin Wireless Projector 
Trendy Home Movie Camera Film Street Sign the Local Cops Are Looking For Rental Store VHS Big Antenna 
Old Couch TV That Doesn't Work When It Rains Delicious, Buttery Popcorn 

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WhiplashShakespeare to the FutureThe Treasure of the Sierra MadreHitchDumboBottle RocketMarvel Cinematic UniverseJordan PeeleLifeforceSphere
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