Films. Who can get enough?

With FilmClock you can create, discover, and share movie marathons and the time that it takes to watch them. Whether you are looking to fill up a Monday night, a four-day weekend, or a three-month-long super-vacation, there is something for you here.

Ever wonder how long it takes to watch everything that Steven Spielberg ever directed? You will find that here. How about a month spent on features starring Tom Hanks? That too. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings -- backwards, forwards, and in no particular order at all.

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1. Search for the title of the first movie that you want to add to your new marathon. (Hint: when you search, you can always add the release year after the title to narrow down the results. For example. "star wars" will give you all the Star Wars movies, but "star wars 1977" will give you only the first movie.)

2. Under the "Add to" heading, click " + New Marathon" to add the movie to a new marathon.

3. Give your new marathon a title and click the "Create Marathon" button.

3. Search for the next title that you want to add to your marathon, this time clicking the name of your new marathon under the "Add to" heading.

4. Repeat step 3 until your marathon is complete.

5. Click "See what your marathon looks like to other users to get the public, shareable version of your movie marathon.